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The power of Narrative to Proclaim the Gospel


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Anna Conomos

Story teller and author

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In practically one day, nearly every Orthodox priest became a televangelist.  Many teachers and professors needed to teach through a camera.  Practically every Summer Camp was moved online.  Our new situation requires Clergy, Professors and Teachers, Camp Directors, and others to learn an entirely new form of communication St Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary invites you to a 5-day interactive experience with the remarkably talented, Anna Conomos – an internationally renowned storyteller and gifted communicator. Anna will share techniques to develop powerful communication skills and learn to captivate your audience.

She will demonstrate: the structure of a narrative + creating atmosphere with effective use of props and space + vocal dynamics and soundscapes + powerful physicality and gesture methods for delivery to captivate young and old  + the camera as audience and the screen as a stage + audience interaction techniques + story films.

The classes will be composed of two daily zoom sessions, June 14–18, 2021: 9:00AM–11:30AM (Eastern)

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