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Mission and Ministry:
A Vision of the North American Saints in Action

Speakers include

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Dr. David Ford

Professor, Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary

Go to Fr. Anthony Karbo

Fr. Anthony Karbo

Holy Theophany in Colorado Springs, CO

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Fr. Lawrence Margitich

Saint Seraphim of Sarov in Santa Rosa, CA

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Fr. Gregory Horton

Holy Myrrhbearer in Naples, ID

Fr. John Maxwell

Ss. Gregory and Alexandra in Fort Smith, AR

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2020 online continuing education topics

• The Vision of the North American Saints
• A Vision for Vibrancy and Local Labors
• A Vision for Ministry in California
• A Vision for Church Planting
• A Good Defense: Contemporary Apologetics

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The North American Saints are most well-known for their missionary efforts. The Alaskan saints, village by village, and in every conceivable hardship--catechizing, baptizing, teaching, communing, marrying. Those who served the "low 48" (as now called) planted churches, preached ceaselessly, were involved in working to bring groups (like the Episcopalians) into the Orthodox Faith.

Their compulsion was the Great Commission: "go, make disciples!". Their propulsion was the Holy Spirit. Their impulsion was to share "the faith once for all delivered to the saints" with those who would listen.

Our Conference will begin on the historical trail, reviewing the great stories of these missionaries: apostles, prophets, preachers, evangelists, martyrs, confessors, ascetics.  We will then sit at the feet of three parish priests who have, in their own ways, with their own gifts and talents, within their own towns and communities, catechized, baptized, preached, built, taught--in Colorado, California, and Idaho.  What factors converged to cultivate the gospel in their parishes and towns?  While there is no magic silver bullet answer, their labors, success and failures alike, are inspiring for us all.  We'll conclude with a session by a seasoned pastor and priest, Fr John Maxwell, who is finalizing a book himself on Apologetics: how do we speak to the world – our world and your neighbors – today?

Join us for what will surely prove to be an enlightening and engaging conference with speakers from across the United States, and be inspired in your own ministry to walk as the North American Saints have walked. To serve and preach, to catechize and baptized, in the same Spirit that they did, to the Glory of God.

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